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Working Smarter: How’s your follow through

September 1, 2009By

By: Jim Paluch In September 2008, Landscape Management ran the first Working Smarter column. Since then, we’ve discussed topics such as better understanding processes, adding value for customers, improving internal communication, getting (and staying) organized and bringing more celebration into your organization. You’ve also been given a Monthly Challenge to move your company toward Working Smarter. I wonder how many of you accept... read more

Working Smarter: Rally your team to a daily win

June 1, 2009By

Imagine you and a friend have just sat down at Game 7 of the NBA Finals, the arena buzzing with electricity. Your team grabs the opening tip and scores the first basket — followed by exhuberant cheers. Baskets are traded furiously, yet with each score the crowd grows quieter. You look up at the scoreboard over center court and there... read more

Working Smarter: Take time to enjoy the good stuff

June 1, 2009By

By: Jim Paluch When is the last time you really had a celebration at your company? When was the last time you drew attention to a mistake? As you ponder those two questions, you may realize we often overlook the wins and focus in on the losses. Companies that are Working Smarter have trained themselves to celebrate improvements. Establish a team... read more

Working Smarter: In some ways, there is a ‘me’ in team

June 1, 2009By

In developing, implementing and facilitating the Working Smarter Training Challenge over the past four years, the team at JP Horizons has learned many things. Among the most interesting has been the feedback that comes to us from companies after completing weeks 32, 35 and 38. These are the weeks when participating organizations focus on the lesson plans titled “Working Smarter... read more