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Dow AgroSciences XXpire WG Insecticide

July 15, 2015By

XXpire™ WG insecticide offers two modes of action to control chewing and sap-feeding pests. It combines two new active ingredients, Isoclast® Active and spinetoram, and is effective on more than 40 species, including seven of the 10 most troublesome ornamental insects. XXpire controls whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs, lepidopterans, lace bugs, certain scales and thrips, and suppresses spider mites, when used according... read more

Dow ramps up Power of More rebate program

November 5, 2014By

Dow AgroSciences added new products to its 2014-15 Power of More rebate program, including XXpire WG insecticide and Gallery SC specialty herbicide. Through the Power of More program, customers earn cash back when they purchase Dow AgroSciences products and products containing Dow AgroSciences active ingredients, including formulator brands and on-fertilizer formulations—more than 60 products are eligible. Based on the total rebate amount... read more

Dow releases XXpire WG Insecticide

September 18, 2014By

Dow AgroSciences introduced the XXpire WG Insecticide, an ornamental insecticide with two active ingredients, Isoclast Active and spinetoram, that control both chewing and sap-feeding insects, the company said. Isoclast, a recently registered active ingredient, is the sole member of the sulfoximine class of insect control agents, while spinetoram is a spinosyn insecticide that offers insecticidal activity and residual control. Working effectively... read more

Dow’s XXpire WG insecticide receives federal registration

July 1, 2014By

Dow AgroSciences received federal registration of XXpire WG insecticide, an ornamental product that combines two new active ingredients, spinetoram and Isoclast. Effective on 39 pests, including seven of the top 10 most troublesome ornamental insects, XXpire WG controls chewing and sap-feeding species. XXpire WG offers two modes of action and provides knockdown of pests. Isoclast is a recently registered active ingredient... read more