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Risk vs. reward

May 12, 2017By

Lawn Butler leverages its conservative, debt-free philosophy for steady growth. Zero-debt disciples say your home’s grass feels better under your feet once your mortgage is paid off. There is something to the emotional and psychological effects of having no debt—or in Seth Kehne’s case—running a debt-free company. You sleep easier at night. You make better long-term decisions. Essentially, you’re free.... read more

Zero-debt growth

March 12, 2015By
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Can you grow fast and still maintain a zero-debt company? The answer is undeniably yes. But it takes time, effort and saved-up capital before your growth will accelerate. Why do contractors run debt free? They do it for peace of mind, better negotiating terms, stable home life, less money stress, personal philosophical reasons and simply because of habit. Here’s a... read more