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CDC offers Zika prevention tips for pest workers

September 7, 2016By

In the August issue, we published a Zika primer for pest management professionals facing questions about a potential outbreak. At the time of that report, no locally transmitted cases had been reported. That is no longer the case, as the virus’s reach has expanded in the United States. Thirty-five locally transmitted cases have been reported in two areas of Miami, Fla. Travel associated cases have surpassed... read more

What you need to know about Zika

August 3, 2016By

For those new to the mosquito control game, the question you’re most likely to get this summer is, “Should I be worried about Zika?” The Zika virus is here. Don’t panic. That’s the message the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) shared at a webinar in May called “Zika: What you should know.” “In certain areas of the country, it simply... read more