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Janna Bradley
Janna Bradley

Implementing technology into day-to-day operations at your landscape business is no longer just a luxury “maybe next year” item. It’s a necessity for those who want to thrive and grow while becoming the go-to service provider in their community.

The right business software goes beyond maintaining the books and ensuring healthy profits. It serves as a catalyst for fostering a vibrant team culture, enhancing operational efficiencies and delivering unparalleled customer service that keeps clients happy and coming back for more.

If you’re still on the fence about bringing business software into your landscaping business, it’s time to hop off and join the future because this technology is not just another tool, it’s the key to taking control of your business and propelling it into new levels of growth and profitability.

Building a framework

Business software provides all the necessary frameworks to go from survival mode to thriving, beginning with implementing processes and increasing financial understanding. Whether you’re working with $2 million or $200 million in revenue, the processes and procedures are the same — you always need a budget, to understand overhead and to look after your equipment and the tools to train your employees.

The right business software, specifically a program built with an understanding of the myriad of intricacies within the industry, will help you establish all of the internal procedures to quickly assess and understand where your business is at financially. This in-depth information allows businesses to understand what service areas they are excelling at and can double down on in sales outreach while helping them shore up other areas that are not performing as well.

Additionally, it allows you to implement processes that act like a digital assistant, taking you from lead generation through the final product. Creating these processes rapidly increases efficiency in your business and ensures your entire team is on the same page throughout the journey.

Communication keys

Employee retention and recruiting is one of the biggest challenges our industry faces. But the proper business software can help create a company culture that keeps employees feeling deeply engrained in day-to-day operations as contributors; while also motivating them to take advantage of the tremendous career opportunities provided by the landscaping industry.

Even something as simple as Slack can help your crews and the office be in constant communication throughout the day in well-organized threads for each job.

Beyond simple tools, there is amazing software out there that allows your employees to clock in, provide job updates, and get additional training, all from the comfort of their smartphones. This software provides workflow clarity to your crews and generates increased efficiency, all while giving your team opportunities to invest in themselves through training programs. It leads to happier employees who are more likely to stick around and become vital members of your team.


Most importantly, business software will greatly improve your relationships with customers. The right software allows you to effectively communicate things like lead calls, job estimates, schedules, invoicing and collecting payments, ensuring every promise to them is established and met within the agreed-upon schedule. It even lets you go above and beyond in this realm.

For example, if there’s a job site with time restrictions on-site access or neighbor concerns, you can note this detail through the software to make sure your crews avoid confrontation when working there. Even something as simple as noting that a customer loves red flowers can go a long way in guaranteeing a client will be delighted and recommend your business to others as well.

This is just a small taste of what business software can do for your company in 2024 and beyond. The team efficiencies and financial understanding gained mean the software will quickly pay for itself while taking your landscape company to the next level.

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Janna Bradley

Bradley is the co-founder and CXO of Landscape Management Network. Bradley has more than 30 years of industry experience as vice president of TGB Environmental in Ontario, Canada.

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