Taking Quinclorac performance to the next level

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[SPONSORED CONTENT] Quintessential herbicide separates itself from other quinclorac containing products through a unique formulations approach that includes a patented H-Value technology.  H-Value technology alters the formulation of quinclorac in a way that improves the absorption of the product into the plant. That means faster activity and higher rate load in the targeted weed. You will also see, in conditions that limit the absorption of a herbicide, Quintessential is going to outperform other quinclorac containing products.

Quinclorac products have always had an unusual issue. They will control seedling crabgrass and ironically, large pie platter type plants, but repeat applications of quinclorac products have often been required in the 3-8 tiller stages to get effective crabgrass control. The H-Value technology found in Quintessential has provided better uptake and control in the challenging 3-5 tiller stage. This unique technology can also help us with environmental conditions that limit absorption, such as untimely rains. In a trial, we reported periods of rainfall administered 30 minutes to 12 hours after we sprayed the herbicide. Efficacy is seen at 2 hours with Quintessential while the competitive product takes 12 hours. Quintessential is taking quinclorac to the next level.

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