The Andersons: Humic DG CharX

May 11, 2020 -  By
Photo: The Andersons

Photo: The Andersons

Humic DG CharX is a 50/50 blend of humic acid and biochar in a dust-free, spherical, and dispersible granule. The Andersons Dispersible Granule (DG) technology disperses into hundreds of thousands of small particles of humic acid and biochar after being exposed to water. The list of benefits that can be derived from using biochar is very similar to humic acid products like Humic DG. Both humic acid and biochar are reported to improve soil characteristics in the following capacities.

  • Enhancing nutrient efficiency, retention, and cation exchange capacity
    • Enhancing soil structure, porosity, and water holding capacity
    • Reduces potential nutrient leaching in soils
    • Biochar pH (7.0) can aid in amending acidic soils
    • Provides a habitat and carbon food source for soil microorganisms

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