The Andersons: Signify® DG Granular Fungicide

May 15, 2023 -  By
Photo: The Andersons

Photo: The Andersons

Waiting until diseases strike is a recipe for disaster, resulting in unhappy clients and extra repair work.

Preventative control programs act as a preemptive strike, more effectively and economically keeping diseases at bay. Lawn Care Professionals across the country trust Signify DG granular fungicide (0.31% Azoxystrobin + 0.75% Propiconazole) to provide broad-spectrum, systemic suppression and protection against brown patch, dollar spot, zoysia patch, pythium, and other summer diseases.

Signify DG avoids the need for LCO’s to create a special tank mix, as any applicator can apply as they would granular fertilizer.

Featuring Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology and providing up to four weeks of residual control, Prophesy is an ideal pillar for any summer disease program.

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