The Micro-zipp

June 6, 2017 -  By

Photo: Micro zipp

The Micro-zipp is a revolutionary micro-irrigation installation tool designed for the Irrigation and Agriculture professional.  Our unique patent pending product allows you to quickly insert Maxijet micro-spray barbs as well as Hunter, Rainbird and Netafim Tec line drip emitters directly into all major brand of ½-in., ¾-in. and 1-in. poly-tubing.  With the Micro-zipp there is no need to pre-punch the poly-tubing, reducing hand and body fatigue and increasing productivity.  You can even install with the water flowing.

The Micro-zipp Zipp-sockets are interchangeable so you can design the tool for your specific needs.  In three steps, your micro-irrigation can be installed.  First, choose the Zipp-socket you need for the barb or emitter and the poly-tubing you will be using.  Second, place each in their proper socket and squeeze quickly.  Lastly, release and you are done. It’s that easy!

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