Think like an owner Part 2

March 26, 2013 -  By

By Jeffrey Scott, consultant

Earlier this month, Landscape Management featured Part 1 of this two-part blog series. Now, it’s time for Part 2—three more valuable tips on how to think like an owner.

1. Generate referrals

Your clients will refer you when they are wowed by your work and by the impression you leave with them each day when you come onto and leave their property. Every customer contact is an opportunity to make them happy they hired you. It starts with a genuine smile and a wave hello, and an extra touch like picking up their paper or garbage blowing around. It is further supported by a genuine question to see if there is anything else they need, and it ends with a job site cleaner than you found it. For those in the office, making your client feel ‘special’ each time they call will go a long way. When you find out the clients name, repeat it and give them a phone-hug,  “Mr Smith, I am SO glad you called, how can I help you today!” Say this with enthusiasm, and you will be remembered and referred. I guarantee it!

2. Learn valuable skills

Would you like to increase your chances of earning a raise? One thing you can do: learn new skills that your company needs in order to stay competitive. What skill would help you become more productive and help your company win more work? If you are not sure, ask your supervisor for suggestions. The more you learn and apply in a productive manner, the more you can earn. But don’t do it just for the money. 

“Life is a journey, punctuated by learning new skills,” Jeffrey Scott 

The more skills you master, the more you will feel motivated and satisfied by your work, and the more confident you will be. Do it for the internal satisfaction!

3. Bring a higher standard to work.

Owners like employees who are focused and want to do things right.  But since no one is perfect, there is always room to improve. Where can you improve your focus and workmanship? Where do you have go-backs, or where do you spend excessive time? Where are your clients not 100% thrilled with your work? Start with reflection:

  • On Friday think about one thing you could improve from the previous week, and commit to improving on it the following week.
  • Make notes at the end of each day on how you did to improve.
  • Keep a little black book of improvements.
  •  Find one specific area each week to improve on.

By the end of a full year you will have improved in over 50 areas! Wow—that will have a huge impact with yourself, your clients and your company! Sweat the details, and your clients and boss will notice. 

Jeffrey Scott, MBA, author and consultant, grew his landscape company into a successful $10 million enterprise, and he’s devoted to helping others share the same success. He facilitates PEER GROUPS for landscape business owners who want to transform and profitably grow their business. For more information, go to, email, or call (203)220-8931.  

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  1. Stacey Beck says:

    Thanks for all the advice. The best landscaping contractors are the ones who have had good service and want to emulate it. Always have the client in mind and their wants.