Throwback Thursday: January 2000

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Landscape Management Cover:  Jan. 2000

Landscape Management Cover: Jan. 2000

We gave you apps to consider applying to your business in our December issue. And a few weeks back, I wrote about technology we suggested for landscape professionals to try in 2000.

But before all that—at the turn of not only a new year, but also a Millennium—we shared products expected to impact landscape business operations in 2000 as well.  Titled “Hot new products for 2000,” that cover story from the January 2000 issue of Landscape Management catalogues more than 20 products and investments expected to be beneficial for landscape companies in the new century.

At random, I pulled a few to share with you.

Flight Control

The solution rids of geese by giving a visual warning with an ultraviolet light spectrum and an anti-feedant warning since geese have a strong gut reaction if they eat treated turf.


The FertiGator fertilization system injects liquid fertilizer into an irrigation mainline providing blanket coverage of nutrient-bearing water over all areas reached by sprinklers. CEO Ned Lips said the unit was the first system in the market to master fertilizing by zone.

Husqvarna’s Auto Mower

Fitting for those looking for low-maintenance mowing, Husqvarna’s auto mower has a built-in circuit board with a microprocessor and wire loop acting as its brain instead of an operator. Much like an invisible fence for pets, the wire loop forms an outer boundary of areas to be cut.

Endeavor insecticide

Endeavor affects insects’ sucking mechanism to stop them from feeding. Its active ingredient penetrates the leaf to form a reservoir inside the plant tissue, providing residual control of aphids and whiteflies in ornamentals.


Weighing 450 pounds, the powered hauler can carry 800 pounds of material up a 20-degree incline. Along with a 360-degree rear swivel wheel, it may run on Honda’s 5- or 5.5-hp engine.

Now, I ask, what products are you budgeting to invest in to better your business in 2014?

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Former Associate Editor Sarah Pfledderer is a West Coast-based contributing editor for Landscape Management.

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