Tips to Overcome Landscape Design Challenges

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To every problem, there’s often more than one solution.

Here are some tried and true tips from Tesselaar Plants for solving some of the biggest landscape problems.

Problem: Slope or hill

Solution: “The simplest solution for landscaping a slope — which people often want to fill with something besides turf grass, because they don’t want to mow — is groundcovers,” says Tesselaar.

Consider groundcovers that root deeply for erosion control, are tolerant of salt and drought, and spread quickly for coverage.

Tesselaar’s Flower Carpet groundcover roses are well-suited to planting on slopes.

Problem: Deer

Solution: While no plant is completely deer-proof, there are clearly some that aren’t their first choice on the salad bar. Cordyline, which creates a fountain effect of foliage in the landscape and Agapanthus are deer-resistant, according to Texas A&M and Oregon State universities.

Problem: Dry, hot site

Solution: Use xeriscaping strategies like mulching, soil amendments, turfgrass reduction, land contouring to catch rainfall, irrigation control technology and proper plant placement and spacing. In the landscape and in containers, also use waterwise plants.

Problem: Wet conditions

Solution: Use one of today’s modern, disease-resistant plant varieties that resist fungal problems thriving in wet weather.

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