Toro adds Shrub & Slope Kit to Precision Rotating Nozzle line

May 30, 2017 -  By
Photo: Toro

Photo: Toro

Toro is expanding its Precision Rotating Nozzle (PRN) line with the addition of the Shrub & Slope Kit.

The PRN Shrub & Slope kit includes a preassembled nozzle, shrub riser and check valve. The pre-installed PRN nozzle, which is available with a full or adjustable arc pattern, delivers multiple wind-resistant, low-trajectory streams at a matched precipitation rate of 0.6 inches per hour.

In addition, the PRN Shrub & Slope kit includes Toro’s X-Flow Technology built into the riser. The X-Flow feature automatically prevents water from flowing through the riser when the nozzle is removed both intentionally or through accidental damage.

The spring-actuated Precision Series check valve provides the PRN Shrub & Slope Kit with an immediate check at system shut-off and eliminates low head drainage, a common source of water waste on slopes.

“Slopes and shrubs are often the source of a great deal of water waste due to their position in the landscape and very specific plant requirements,” said Chris Davey, product marketing manager for Toro’s Irrigation Business. “The PRN Shrub & Slope Kit is designed to take advantage of many of our most efficient watering solutions to meet the needs of these unique spaces in an easy-to-install package.”

PRN Shrub & Slope Kits are now available at authorized Toro Irrigation distributors.

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