Toro expands T5 RapidSet series rotor lineup

April 13, 2016 -  By

T5-Stainless-Steel-Beauty-ShotToro added a new stainless steel riser option to its line of T5 RapidSet Series rotors. The new models feature a reinforced riser and nozzle base assembly constructed from commercial-grade 304 stainless steel.

While coarse and sandy soil is abrasive and can cause scoring to a plastic riser that over time can lead to leaks at the wiper seal or the inability for the riser to fully retract, the new T5 RapidSet stainless steel model helps eliminate these issues, Toro said.

“The new T5 RapidSet stainless steel rotor offers landscape architects and irrigation designers a 3/4-inch rotor option designed to address the unique challenges of high traffic areas and sites with coarse and sandy soil,” said Orion Goe, product marketing manager for Toro’s irrigation division. “Further, users benefit from the time-saving, tool-free arc adjustment of the unrivaled RapidSet feature.”

In addition to tool-free arc adjustments, the T5 RapidSet stainless steel rotor features a 5-inch pop-up height and Toro’s Airfoil Technology nozzles.

The new T5 RapidSet stainless steel models are available for immediate shipment.

Photo: Toro

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