Toro launches web-enabled smart controller platform

December 7, 2016 -  By

smrt-logic-beautyToro introduced SMRT Logic and SMRTscape for mobile landscape control. SMRT Logic works with the SMRTscape app to enable mobile wireless control of irrigation systems, outdoor lighting and more using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

SMRT Logic uses proprietary RF technology to securely access irrigation system information from SMRTscape. This technology allows the device to operate at a range up to three times greater than other Wi-Fi irrigation systems, Toro said. It also means that SMRT Logic does not need to tap into a homeowner Wi-Fi network, so there is never a need to share private network passwords or passkeys with the contractor or landscape service provider.

SMRT Logic works with new or existing Toro Evolution, TMC-424, TMC-212 and Custom Command Controllers, as well as Irritrol Kwik Dial, Rain Dial and Total Control.

A single account on SMRTscape can control up to 10 different locations with multiple irrigation and landscape control devices at each location.

“SMRT Logic is an exciting new addition to our irrigation technology platform,” said Orion Goe, marketing manager for Toro’s Irrigation Business. “It presents a big advantage to our customers because it can be used for multiple functions, across multiple brands, making it a very convenient mobile platform that they can build on well into the future.”

The SMRTscape companion app is available on Android and iOS devices for free. It can also be accessed at The program allows users to enter information about a property’s irrigation system, upload landscape photos, customize settings and then manipulate the irrigation program.

Photo: Toro

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