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Toro unveils new mowers, attachments, software

October 15, 2020 -  By
Toro Z Master 4000 (Photo: Toro)

Toro Z Master 4000 (Photo: Toro)

Toro rolled out its 60V 21-inch commercial heavy-duty mower, powered with Toro’s proven 60-volt, 7.5 amp-hour battery that puts out 405 watts per hour.

It features an on-board power meter with four LEDs so users always know how much power they have left. The battery can be utilized with other Toro 60-v lawn tools and equipment, such as leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, weed trimmers and battery chainsaws. The Li-Ion 60-v Rapid Battery Charger provides complete charges within just 75 minutes. Users can easily customize their cut with heights ranging from 1 inch to 4.5 inch. in increments of a half-inch.

Other highlights include:

•  Zero downtime due to changing oil, air filters and other mechanical maintenance. The battery powerhead is easy to use and doesn’t require regular maintenance like a gas mower.
• Easy-to-change 60V batteries – when battery runs out of power, just pop in a spare.
• Zero exhaust.
• Reduced sound.

Toro also released new GrandStand Stand-On Mower Multi Force attachments.

In addition to the six Multi Force tools already in the arsenal, Toro is introducing three more additions to the family:

Snow blower: At 48 inches wide, the snow blower is perfect for sidewalks but also big enough to make quick work of driveways and parking lots. It prevents the risk of jarring impacts through a unique urethane trip edge that softens any contact with obstacles like uneven pavement, cobblestones, manhole covers and more. The lift and chute rotation are controlled by low-flow hydraulics for easy adjustments, and the blower is powered by high-flow hydraulics to ensure there’s plenty of power to throw piles of snow.

Leaf plow: At 55 inches wide, it moves a ton of leaves in a short time. The high-strength galvanized steel construction not only ensures long-term durability, it provides the strength to push heavy, wet leaves. The stainless steel tines won’t damage grass or turf. When your task is complete, the plow folds up over the deck, so it fits easily on your trailer.

Boss 48-inch plow: The Boss 48-inch-wide plow clears standard sidewalks in one pass while providing you the versatility of getting snow out of tight spaces. Lifting the blade and adjusting the angle on the fly is easy thanks to the low-flow hydraulics.

In addition to the three new tools for 2020, the system also includes:

EZ Vac powered bagger: A patent-pending side-mounted soft twin bagger features a large, 10-cubic-foot capacity. The vertically mounted blower allows for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces with maximum visibility.

Toro also unveiled its Horizon360 business software for landscape contractors.

The all-in-one software suite allows landscape contractors to more effectively track the productivity of their crews and equipment, automate their billing process and enhance the time management of their businesses.

“Horizon360 empowers landscape contractors like no other software on the market,” said Dave Francis, senior marketing manager at Toro. “We’ve leveraged our 100 years of experience and expertise to develop a software system that will give you more data, better data and powerful tools to analyze the effectiveness of your business — in an incredibly easy-to-use, intuitive package. You don’t have to be a tech geek to realize the powerful potential of our software. Now you can work smarter, not harder, with all of the analytics you need at your fingertips.”

It allows contractors to collect more data, better data in real time; know exactly where their crew is, how much time they spent at a job and what equipment they used; easily install and use it; and have access to powerful analytics and track all gas-powered equipment, Toro and non-Toro brands.

It begins with Horizon360 tracking devices. These small devices, the size of a wallet, are powered by 12-volt batteries and communicate with Horizon360, after they’re installed on a gas-powered mower, snow blower or other piece of equipment. The tracking device syncs up with the Horizon360 app on the smartphones of your employees. The Horizon360 tracking device begins to communicate a bevy of information, including:

• The actual location of your equipment and crew,
• Job start and end times based on a calendar schedule and
• Equipment usage (the time your equipment was in actual use).

The business owner or the crew boss can then monitor all of this data in real time from their own smart phone or from a desktop computer back at the office. By setting up a geofence around a customer’s property, they can see in real time when your crew enters and leaves a job.

Horizon360 allows an owner and the entire crew to see their daily schedule and on-demand jobs at their fingertips. It allows the crew to manual or autostart jobs and track actual on-the-job time versus the schedule. The proof of service photo feature safeguards a business from customer complaints or claims of damage. And, if a team performed any add-on services at the request of the customer, a note can be made in the Horizon360 app that allows the business owner to follow-up with customer and/or to invoice for the additional service.

Finally, Toro unleashed its Toro Z Master 4000, featuring the MyRide suspension system and a Turbo Force deck built with seven-gauge high-strength steel.

The Turbo Force features dual capture antiscalp rollers to ensure a high quality of cut. Users can discharge and disperse clippings as the rubber discharge chute clears obstacles. It’s available in deck sizes of 48, 52 and 60 inches,

It also includes:

• Powerful 31-hp Kawasaki engine delivers 12 mph and 18,500 fpm blade speed
• Big spindle housings built from aircraft-grade cast aluminum
• Pneumatic or flat-free semi-pneumatic front tire options
• 26-inch Voodoo Trac drive tires for incredible traction
• A five-year, 1,250-hour, two-year no hour limit warranty
• 10-gallon gas tank reduces time to refuel

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