Tracks or tires?

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Purchasing a piece of compact construction equipment? How to choose undercarriage.


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Contractors’ take


Justin Koen

Landscape Installation Supervisor
“Tire models are very lightweight. It just doesn’t have the ass to pull what I need it to. They’re dead weight in the south. I really don’t see a benefit to a tire machine other than cost.



Tim Danish

Morgan Hill Land Care

“For us, wheels are fine. … Tracks are effective in spring and summer, but in winter it’s harder to snow plow with them. Efficiency (of tracks) is probably the biggest issue. Still, I could see us purchasing one in the future when we could afford to.”




Photos: Bobcat Co.

Sources: Justin Koen, landscape installation supervisor, JubileeScape, Mobile, Ala.; Tim Danish, co-owner, Morgan Hill Land Care, Rochester, N.Y.; Paul Wade, marketing manager, New Holland Construction; Mike Fitzgerald, loader product specialist, Bobcat Co.

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Former Associate Editor Sarah Pfledderer is a West Coast-based contributing editor for Landscape Management.

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