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March 23, 2015 -  By
Turf Masters

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Turf Masters made its largest acquisition to date, purchasing Dorsey Services.

With this acquisition, Turf Masters now has nine operations in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Founded by Larry Dorsey in 1985, Dorsey Services was a sound purchase for Turf Masters because of its established customer base, proven ability to retain customers and growth potential, Turf Masters Owner Andrew Kadrich said.

“What Larry founded in central Georgia was built on the same philosophy and commitment to quality that I used in starting Turf Masters in the north Atlanta suburbs,” Kadrich said. “The company’s employee culture, from service technicians to administrative support, understands that the customer always comes first.”

To that end, the Dorsey business will continue operating under its same name, employees, trucks and out of its current offices.

“Andy is committed to all the employees who have made his company strong,” Dorsey said. “Along with his reputation as the best sales and marketing guy in the industry, Andy’s commitment to the Dorsey employees was the most significant factor in my decision to sell to him.”

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