TurfEx unveils new spreader/sprayer

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TurfEx_TT5000 Photo: TurfEx

Photo: TurfEx

TurfEx unveiled its TT5000 Spread-N-Spray, featuring a new standard height-adjustable boom kit.

The TT5000 is powered by a 7-hp Subaru EX210 engine with electric start and a 0.95-gallon fuel tank. Its heavy-duty Peerless transmission has two forward gears, neutral and reverse, with a top operating speed of 5 mph. A hand-operated transmission disc brake and foot-controlled sulky band brake allow smooth, confident operation of the unit, the company said.

An integrated 17-gallon tank system has a single rapid-fill port for easy filling and a balanced design for enhanced stability. To apply the liquid, the TT5000 includes a front-mounted, 84-inch stainless steel boom, which can spray between 6 and 12 feet wide for general spraying or 3 feet wide for trim.

The boom wings can be folded for traveling through fence gates and other confined areas, and they include spring-activated tripping mechanisms to help prevent damage if the boom strikes an obstacle, TurfEx said.

A professional-duty spray wand with a 10-foot hose also comes standard. The unit’s electric pump can be turned on while the engine isn’t running, allowing the operator to spot spray using only battery power.

The hopper of the TT5000 holds up to 150 pounds, or 3 cubic feet, of material. A 12-inch polyethylene spinner throws a spread pattern up to 14 feet wide, while the stainless steel flow gate with adjustable precision-agitation distribution promotes consistent, accurate application of granular material.

A pressure gauge, liquid level gauge, digital tachometer and lubrication indicator come standard to verify the status of the machine. A push-button kill switch provides emergency stopping.

The TT5000 is constructed from corrosion-resistant materials and contains protective shrouding to prevent material build-up and rust. Additionally, there are few moving parts and cables to service, and the engine is easily accessible.

Other standard features include knobby-tread front tires, rear turf tires, a double-bearing sulky pivot, side deflector, hopper cover, top screen and bumper update kit. The TT5000 is backed by a two-year warranty on parts and labor.


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