U.S. Lawns rebranded with new colors, logo, tagline

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U.S. Lawns President Ken Hutcheson unveiled the rebranding of U.S. Lawns to franchisees at its annual conference in Baltimore. The rebrand includes updated colors, logo, uniforms, fleet design, collateral, website, newly defined brand DNA as well as a new tagline, “Your Turf. Our Lawn.”

“Our conference theme ‘It’s Time’ was chosen carefully in preparation for this tightly-kept rebranding secret,” Hutcheson said. “We wanted the unveiling to be a complete surprise to our franchisees. We hyped the conference for several weeks prior, with hints of change to come. We wanted anticipation. We wanted expectation. We wanted to energize them…and it worked.”

U.S. Lawns implemented a rebranding of the company at its annual conference in Balitmore.

U.S. Lawns implemented a rebranding of the company at its annual conference in Baltimore. Photo: U.S. Lawns.

After Hutcheson’s announcement, a solitary drummer led attendees outside, where trucks and a trailer rolled into view, bearing the new blue U.S. Lawns logo, as the drum corps donned in the new blue uniforms.

“Our original logo has stood strong since 1986,” Hutcheson said. “We changed the logo style only slightly, to make it crisp and stronger. We picked a color that denotes service and professionalism. Strong, bold, regal. We defined our brand DNA for franchisor operations, franchisee operations and strategic operations to have clear guidelines for our future. We have always utilized our phrase ‘National Strength, Local Commitment’ as part of what sets us apart from our competitors. Our new graphic map, reminiscent of airline destination maps, showing our locations nationwide, prompted us to add a third message to complete the refreshed phrase we use for the value we add. It is now, ‘National Strength, Local Commitment, and the Power of the Network.’ “

Franchisees will roll out the new branding in their local markets in the coming months.

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