Underhill adds sprinkler removal tool

February 2, 2016 -  By

Photo: Underhill

Underhill International unveiled Easy Out, the first sprinkler removal tool that doesn’t require digging, the company said.

Easy Out fits all major brands and can be used to replace a broken sprinkler, add a fitting to increase height, cap off unwanted heads or convert heads to drip line.

The Easy Out kit includes an alignment rod that prevents dirt from entering the piping system and a removal tool with hex head.

To use Easy out, users should first remove the cap and inside components, then insert alignment rod into the body. Then place the Easy Out removal tool over the rod and slide into sprinkler. Rotate the tool counter-clockwise to remove body from piping system, then take the replacement sprinkler and place it over the rod and push into the ground. To connect the new sprinkler to pipe, rotate clockwise.

The same steps should be followed to add a fitting to the bottom of the spray head, to cap off a sprinkler or when converting to drip by removing the sprinkler and attaching drip tubing to a barb fitting.

Photo: Underhill

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