Underhill intros new feature for Gulp UltraMax Plus pumps

April 26, 2017 -  By

Underhill International released MudGuard, a new slip-on filter for Gulp UltraMax Plus pumps. MudGuard minimizes clogging and facilitates dirty water clean-outs from valve boxes, sprinkler leaks or other water-soaked areas on turf and landscape.

MudGuard is now standard on all Underhill 36-inch UltraMax Plus pumps, with 36-inch or 72-inch hoses. It can also be added onto existing pumps.

In 2016, Underhill released the Gulp Ultramax Plus. This suction pump that can be disassembled and is available in three sizes: 36-inch length with a 72-inch hose; 21-inch length with a 18-inch hose and as a 12-ounce syringe.

Photo: Underhill

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