Upcoming webinar series focuses on building, managing a better snow company

September 14, 2016 -  By

Logo: Greenmark Consulting GroupGreenmark Consulting Group will host a free, two-part webinar on how to build and manage a better snow & ice control company.

The first session, “Finding the Business & Financial Balance for Snow Business Success” takes place on Sept. 21 from 2-3 p.m. Eastern. It will offer a broad overview of snow market segments, contract types and strategies to identify what attendees do best and how to optimize that for snow business success, Greenmark said. Attendees will learn to generate a strategic plan that differentiates them from competitors. The session also will provide tips for agreeing, counter offering or declining contracts that cannot be fulfilled in a mutually beneficial scenario.

The second session, Building A Strong Management Mindset for Snow Operations Success” is slated for Sept. 28 from 2-3 p.m. Eastern. It will outline the critical questions contractors must ask while building their snow business model. According to GreenMark, this session also will provide tips and methods for building a seasonal transition plan.Save

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