Vanguard extends maintenance intervals with Oil Guard System

Ferris ZRS Z2 stand-on mower equipped with an Oil Guard System

Briggs & Stratton wants to change the way you manage oil with a new oil-focused engine and a synthetic oil specifically designed for commercial cutters.

At a press event Oct. 18 in Louisville, Ky., the company released its new Vanguard Oil Guard System for the Vanguard 810 and Big Block engines. It will be integrated into Ferris commercial models for the 2017 season.

“We started with three main goals,” said Briggs & Stratton marketing manager Jim Cross“We wanted to extend the maintenance intervals for our commercial cutters; we wanted a system that enhanced the overall durability of the engine; and we wanted a quick-and-easy, no-mess change. Those are the things the program, which was four years in the making, was really focused on.”

The technology lets contractors operate a commercial mower for 500 hours between oil changes—rather than the typical 100, Cross said. The company touts savings of up to 60 percent from decreased oil change labor and filter replacement costs and increased productivity from less downtime.

The system works by continuously exchanging oil between the engine and a large, external oil reservoir. This protects engine oil from thermal breakdown, producing a cooler-running machine, the company said.

The system also provides easier access to the oil filter and drain tube during oil changes. Additionally, oil changes are toolless and the the engine drains in just five minutes, the company said.

The company also released Vanguard Oil, a full-synthetic 15W-50 small engine oil. The oil is suitable for use in outdoor temperatures up to 130 degrees F and as low as 20 degrees F, ensuring start up in a variance of conditions. The company said the oil promotes less oil consumption and longer oil life compared to a semi-synthetic or mineral-based oil product; a zinc ingredient provides anti-wear protection from metal engine components; and high quality detergent assures lower engine deposits as engine oil wears.

Vanguard synthetic performance engine oil.

Vanguard Oil is warranty-certified and suitable for use in air-cooled four-cycle small engines, the company said. It’s recommended for use in lawn and garden equipment and pressure washers, and it is especially effective in continuous use commercial or industrial equipment such as zero-turn riders, lawn tractors, stand-on mowers and wide-area-walk mowers. The Vanguard Oil is available in 1- and 5-quart bottles.

The Vanguard Oil Guard System is a factory-integrated technology, not an aftermarket add-on, meaning it’s covered by the company’s three-year commercial engine limited warranty. Ferris models with the Oil Guard System include four stand-ons (IS 3200Z, IS 2100Z, F320Z, F210Z, SRS Z2) and a wide-area walk-behind (FW35).

Photos: Dillon Stewart, Briggs & Stratton

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