Vibrant Cities and Urban Forests report available

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Report promotes urban forestry and natural resource stewardship nationwide.


Vibrant Cities & Urban Forests ReportThe Vibrant Cities & Urban Forests report was officially released at the Partners in Community Forestry Conference in a joint breakout session with New York Restoration Project, the U.S. Forest ServiceSustainable Urban Forests Coalition and the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council.

Vibrant Cities and Urban Forests: A National Call to Action is an initiative designed to promote the advancement of urban forestry and natural resources stewardship nationwide. A group of 25 stakeholders from various disciplines came together last year to discuss and recommend how federal policy, programs, partnerships and investment can advance and support urban tree planting and stewardship programs in the next 15 years.

The Vibrant Cities Report presents a new framework for understanding the benefits of urban and community forestry. It offers a cohesive statement for what urban and community forestry means to our cities, establishes a vision, highlights emerging trends, and culminates with a series of recommendations that can be applied to urban areas across the U.S.

“The Vibrant Cities and Urban Forests task force underscores the U.S. Forest Service’s commitment to growing and sustaining our nation’s urban forests,” said U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. “Because of the environmental, health and economic benefits trees bring to our cities, the Forest Service is eager to expand our partnership with and support of urban forestry and stewardship programs.”

Click here to download the report, or read it online.

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