Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting 5000 Series Up & Accent Fixtures

May 8, 2015 -  By
Vista_5000-Series-Up-Accent-Fixtures Photo: Vista

Photo: Vista

Designed for performance but priced for every job, Vista’s 5000 Series Up & Accent Fixtures feature the energy savings of LED with the flexibility and performance of Vista’s new MR-16 LED lamps. Providing up to an 80 percent energy saving over standard halogen lamps, high-performance MR-16 LED lamps maximize energy savings and minimize maintenance. The Series’ compact design enhances aesthetics and allows for maximum light output that can be conveniently concealed throughout the landscape, even within tree branches. Additionally, because each 5000 Series fixture is shipped with a factory-installed 4.5- or 5.5-watt LED lamp, no assembly is required.

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