Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting T3 LED Lamps

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VistaPro LED Lamps

Vista’s T3 LED Lamps offer up to 80 percent energy savings over standard halogen lamp with a low wattage draw allowing more lamps per cable and transformer. Together, with a five-year warranty, the T3’s 30,000-hour lamp life reduces maintenance, annual re-lamping and lamp replacement costs. With an operating voltage of 9V to 15V (AC/DC), the T3 virtually eliminates voltage drop concerns and also is dimmable with the vPRO or most magnetic transformers. Designed to closely match the performance of halogen lamps, the 2.5 watts (20W halogen equivalent) of the T3 LED Lamp gives eye-appealing warm white light and allows for mixing with other halogen fixtures on the same project. The T3’s advanced thermo composite design is a corrosion-resistant material that reliably dissipates heat for a long life.

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