Volvo CE launches updated L30 and L35 compact wheel loaders

Photo: Volvo CE
Photo: Volvo CE

Volvo Construction Equipment recently launched two updated models to its compact wheel loader lineup.

The latest L30 and L35 compact wheel loaders come equipped with 1.3–1.6 cubic yard bucket capacity or 2.4- to 2.6-ton fork payload, in addition to improved maneuverability, tractive force and performance.

“These improvements set a new standard for compact loaders in this size class,” said Darren Ashton, product manager — compact equipment, Volvo CE. “For customers who demand efficient handling in a small package, this is it.”

Additional new features include a slimmer dashboard for increased visibility, a larger display that’s navigated via a jog wheel and a more ergonomic multi-function joystick. Also, an advanced boom kick-out and bucket leveler option with boundary limits that can automatically lift and tilt the bucket to pre-programmed positions.

An electro-hydraulic main control valve enhances the flow sharing among the hydraulic functions. The adjustable boom and tilt function (optional), allows the operator to set the flow of these functions using the jog wheel and display. This enables customized flows for specialty buckets or attachments. Independent hydraulic pumps provide simultaneous lifting and steering at speed.

A big change for the new L30 and L35 is the addition of an eight-pin harness on the boom, which can be activated by a button on the joystick. This allows a wider range of attachments to be used without installing additional wiring.

The new-generation L30 and L35 come with additional sensors to monitor their engine and cooling performance. The standard reversible cooling fan is adjustable to handle dusty and high debris conditions.

Two popular features remain from the last series: ground-level access to service points — including fuel, oil, air and hydraulic filters, battery, radiator, oil dipstick and hydraulic oil level gauges — and long service intervals, which also support total cost of ownership.

The loaders offer the same performance, speed and versatility as previous versions. High traction comes from the combination of an articulating oscillating joint and 100 percent differential locks on both axles, while the high breakout force is a result of the powerful linkage.

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