Volvo unveils new series of excavators

(Photo: Volvo CE)
(Photo: Volvo CE)

Volvo Construction Equipment introduced a new range of excavators with upgrades that include greater fuel efficiency, increased productivity, enhanced safety and additional operator-friendly features. The initial launch includes multiple medium and large excavator models in North America — the ECR145 short swing, EC210, EC230, EC370, EC400 and EC500 crawler excavators — with more models coming.

“This new excavator series is the realization of our commitment to our customers. Every design change, innovation and weld were made with our customers’ needs top of mind,” said Scott Young, head of region North America, Volvo CE. “All together, these updates will substantially impact their productivity, uptime, employee satisfaction and ultimately, their success.”

A newly optimized electro-hydraulic system and other features — like a smart cooling system and engine speed regulation for higher torque at a lower rpm — add up to a 15 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, according to the company. Enhanced hydraulics enable better machine control and the smooth and precise movement of the boom, bucket and other hydraulic components. A new creep travel mode coupled with boom and arm shock reduction settings gives operators tight command of loads and reduces spillage.

“Our customers are looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce expenses, and we deliver on that with these new excavators,” said Sejong Ko, product manager — large excavators at Volvo CE. “Fuel in particular is a major expense, and the improved fuel efficiency will reduce costs with the added benefit of lowering the environmental impact.”

One highlight is the pioneering Volvo Smart View with Obstacle Detection, which gives operators 360-degree visibility of the machine’s surroundings. Volvo Smart View with Obstacle Detection combines camera technology and a new radar detection system to distinguish between objects and humans.

According to the company, the new excavators offer a 50 percent increase in hydraulic oil life with service intervals extended to 3,000 hours for regular hydraulic oil and 6,000 hours for long-life hydraulic oil.

Additional upgrades:

  • Updated seat design.
  • Improved ventilation.
  • New footrest support for working on slopes.
  • Keyless engine start.
  • Larger cab side mirror with heater.
  • In-cab wireless phone charger.
  • Built-in cooler/heater compartment for food or drinks.
  • Additional sunscreens and storage areas.
  • Additional safety railings and relocated footsteps.
  • New DEF sight gauges and splash guard.
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