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Specialized skill was required to lay out and dig the art structure footings. Since no engineering plan was available, all dimensions had been handset. (Photo: Urban Habitat)

Location Coachella, Calif.
Company Urban Habitat

Urban Habitat, a firm in La Quinta, Calif., was called upon to create a park surrounding a unique, mesh-wire art piece left over from the previous year’s Coachella Music Festival and recently purchased by the city of Coachella. The art piece was to be placed near Coachella’s downtown center.

“They’re going through an urban renewal on that street, and the art piece serves as an anchor point for that street as you enter,” says Urban Habitat COO and founder Brett Brennan.

The company removed an old gas station that sat on the corner where the 51-foot structure was to be installed; poured the foundation for the art piece; installed power and electricity for the structure’s custom colorful lighting and irrigation controller; and introduced turf and drip irrigation in the park area.

A total of 192 low-voltage lights were installed and programmed to interchangeable lighting schemes, and six transformers were wired and synced together. The company implemented a Hunter Industries smart controller. The plant material is on drip irrigation, and the turf areas and palm trees make use of the MP3000 low-water-use heads from Hunter.

“The site had no water, so we brought in water. It had no power, so we brought in power for the controller,” Brennan says.

The project was a coordinated effort between Urban Habitat, the city of Coachella and Golden Boys, the entity that puts on the Coachella music festival.

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