Weathermatic Foundation raises funds for Ukraine relief

March 9, 2022 -  By

“We’ve all heard about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and devastating impact on the people,” writes Brodie Bruner, Weathermatic executive vice president. “Once a city is surrounded, people only have a few days of supplies to live on. Let’s do something about this immediately!”

Bruner said the Weathermatic Foundation has identified an urgent need and opportunity to fund life-sustaining supplies. The foundation said it is funding van loads of supplies in nearby Romania, where Weathermatic has employee team members and said its trusted business associate, Casey Graham, is onsite.

Weathermatic said volunteers in Romania will drive at night to Odesa, Ukraine, to deliver the supplies as Russia turns its focus on the city. The cost to stock one van is $3,000.

Weathermatic said its foundation will match the funds raised by Premier Partners to sponsor four vans in the next 48 hours.

Tax free donations starting at $50:

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