Web Extra: Giant Landscaping taps into work for Tesla


Spotlighted in “If you can’t beat ’em,” published in February 2015 issue of LM, Giant Landscaping took on another out-of-the-box business project that is installing charging stations for Tesla Motors.

With Tesla Motors building up a bigger customer base in U.S., the electric car manufacturer found a demand for more car charging stations throughout the nation. It looked no further than Giant Landscaping to complete some of the chore in New Hampshire.

“We got an email from someone saying, ‘We’re doing this project in the area would you be interested?’” recalls Tim Boyle, co-owner of the Manchester, N.H.-based company.

Giant Landscaping put its excavation chops to good use, installing six charging stations at two rest areas running along a major interstate. It also gave a facelift to the landscaping, fencing and pavement around the stations.

“We had to work side by side with an electrician to get all the conduit in for what he was building,” Boyle says. “It looks like a gas pump centered in the middle of a parking lot, but it’s an electric car charger. It was a pretty cool project.”


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Sarah Pfledderer

Former Associate Editor Sarah Pfledderer is a West Coast-based contributing editor for Landscape Management.

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