Web Extra: Lawn Love, Mowdo catching on as other startups


Our August cover story, “At your fingertips,” centered on four Uber-like mobile technologies entering the Green Industry. Recently, we came across two more landscape/snow industry mobile startups that are closing the gap between homeowners and contractors.

Lawn Love

With the pilot program launched in San Diego this summer, Lawn Love has since spread to Los Angeles, Orange County, Calif., and San Jose, Calif.

When a homeowner visits Lawn Love’s website, they provide the size and location of the property and what service is needed. A software generates a quote and a list of available contractors. After the homeowner selects a contractor, Lawn Love schedules the appointment.

Founder Jeremy Yamaguchi shared how the site works from the contractors’ perspective in an interview with TechCrunch.

“Some of the providers we work with have part-time roles with other companies, and they use Lawn Love to fill in their downtime,” he say. “The majority, though, are essentially small one-man businesses. We’re bringing them a bunch of new business and handling the billing and scheduling, so they’re able to divorce themselves from the unpleasant parts of the job, like chasing down non-paying customers.”


Founded by Mike Fingado and Brian Dzingai, Mowdo is still in its early stages, with an online service request page launched in July for a select number of homeowners in Lincoln, Neb., and Omaha.

“A larger public launch and app are coming soon,” according to an article in the Silicon Prairie News, and the company is looking into adding snow removal in time for the winter season.

Landscape professionals must be background checked and liability insured to use Mowdo. Their performance also is subject to reviews via an in-app rating system.

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