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Photo: TIS Landscape Services

We used to use Ford Rangers for service because they got better gas mileage but the F150’s have caught up with them in that regard so we tend to use white F150’s for service and management while using F250’s for crew/installation. All of our trucks are white which is standard for most companies. Not that long ago getting a diesel was pretty much the only way to go but advances in fuel economy coupled with the cost of repairing diesel problems means that there is more than one reason to consider all of your options in today’s market.

The only things that we do routinely that could be useful to other business owners when it comes to vehicles are the following:

  • Organization. All of our trucks are organized in the same manner (all service trucks keep tools and materials in the exact same location from truck to truck and all installation trucks do the same). This ensures that any driver getting into one of our trucks knows their way around the truck and it is just as familiar to them as any other truck. This saves time and promotes efficiency.
  • Racks. All of our pipe racks are custom built for its use. The irrigation trucks have places to store tools and fittings based on size, etc. Again, this saves time and promotes efficiency.
  • Management. Our client management software helps us keep track of the trucks as well as when they are due for service. This really helps and ensures that our equipment is properly maintained.
  • Cleanliness. I am stickler for a clean truck. A bag of chips on the dashboard is unacceptable. Our trucks are a reflection of our company and so they build the brand for better or worse.

Photo: TIS Landscape Services

The last bit of advice I would offer is this: Get the truck that you need based on what it will be doing and who will be in it. Saving money by taking whatever truck may be available simply because it costs less can waste a significant amount of time and money in the future which not only nullifies any real savings but creates many little cracks for profits to slip through.

—John A. Taylor, President & CEO, TIS Services

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