What chainsaws do you prefer and why?


Brent Paull
Co-owner, Touch of Wilderness
Anderson, Ind.
“Husqvarna makes high-quality tools that
professionals can count on. My 450 Rancher has a ton of torque but not so much I have to hold on for dear life. Also, our local big box store carries Husqvarna. It helps being able to run in there and grab a new bar or chain and get back to the job site and not have to drive 20 miles out of the way to a dealer. The 450 Rancher is small enough for shrub and small tree removal and big enough for large trees. All of our small equipment is Husqvarna, and I don’t see that changing
anytime soon.”

Tim Danish
Owner, Morgan Hill Land Care
Scottsville, N.Y.
“When it comes to everyday use, we choose Stihl chainsaws. We use an MS250 and MS170 regularly. We are purchasing an MS461 this fall for a bigger job recently sold. We know we can rely on them day in and day out, with less downtime than other brands. A productive worker is only as good as the equipment you supply him with. I’ve had my share of experiences with other brands and so far, none compare to Stihl.”


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