What cleanup equipment do you prefer and why?


What cleanup equipment do you prefer and why?

Mike Ruegsegger
Owner, Mike’s Lawn Service
Gaylord, Mich.

“The (Grasshopper) PowerVac system works great. There’s not a better collector available—even with wet leaves. By the time leaves fall in Michigan, snow is right behind it—sometimes just a couple weeks away. So there’s a limited window to get them picked up. The PowerVac does the job well.”

Drew Standfuss
President, GreenScape Lawns
Montague, Mich.

“JRCO rakes have allowed us to increase productivity dramatically while doing a quality cleanup job. We use 60-inch and 46-inch versions on our Exmark Lazer Z and Vantage mowers. It is an irreplaceable attachment in the spring. It does it all with an increased productivity level that hand labor can’t match.”

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