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What irrigation controller do you prefer and why?

September 15, 2016 -  By

Sunshine Landscape is working on its first installation with a Baseline product, Levi Duckett says, and he’s impressed so far.

Levi Duckett
President and owner,
Sunshine Landscape, Meridian, Idaho

“We’ve found the Hunter X Core to be a great controller for new residential construction. They are small, easy to install, inexpensive, reliable and very easy to use, which is nice for training homeowners. We use the Hunter Pro C on smaller commercial sites for most of the same reasons as the X Core. It’s very easy to operate, and it’s dependable. The Rain Bird ESP is usually our choice for needs over 12 stations, whether commercial sites or developments, because of the ease of use. The fact that they are so versatile is also nice and having the Spanish function is great for our crews.”

Chris Husband
President and co-owner,
Liquid Technologies, Glendale, Ariz.

“It depends on the application. I’m not a landscaper but a water manager. The real question is what irrigation controller is scalable throughout an entire book of business. Which system can one manage thousands of controllers with?”

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