What irrigation sprayheads do you prefer and why?

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LM0117_Jarod-Roberts_OUTLINER_bwJarod Roberts
Owner, Westside Sprinkler & Property Performance
Lakewood, Colo.

“IrriGreen Genius Sprinklers. As shown in testing by the Center for Irrigation Technology, these heads with multistream nozzles use 40 percent less water to increase soil moisture by the same amount as regular rotors. With only one computerized smart head per zone, instead of six to nine rotors, there is less pipe and less wire, fewer valves and fewer fittings. Installations require much less time and effort for me and my guys, minimize disturbance of clients’ landscapes during installation and with less product in the ground there is much less to go wrong after we leave.”

LM0117_RyanHarrell_OUTLINER_bwRyan Harrell
President, Ryan’s Landscaping
Delaware, Ohio

“I’ve been using Hunter products from the time I was 16 years old, when I installed my first system. We still maintain that system to this day and 95 percent of the heads are original. We currently use Hunter MP Rotators and Hunter adjustable nozzles. Most of our clients’ properties have experienced a great savings in water usage using the MP design. The MP has also allowed systems with poor designs to be improved without a ton of work. We’ve switched most of our sprayheads over to MPs over the past two years with the help of our irrigation subcontractor and our employees.”

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