What organic lawn care products do you prefer and why?


Ken Grawe
Owner, Lawn Treatment by Ken Grawe, Quincy, Ill.

“BeeSafe products offer an affordable, complete lawn program. These products focus on soil health, which, in turn, creates healthy grass.
Grass will have steady growth, good color, deeper roots due to higher microbial activity and will thicken well to keep out future weeds.”

Luke Hawthorne
Owner, Emerald Lawns, Round Rock, Texas

“Emerald Lawns uses Holganix because it feeds the soil directly, so the grass can flourish naturally from the roots up. This means I can use less fertilizers and pesticides and still get better results. My main goal is to give my customers the absolute greenest lawn possible. If I can do that while being environmentally responsible, I have the best possible
business model. Not to mention, if we’re using less chemicals, this means more profit and my customers like me better for doing the right thing.”

LM Staff

LM Staff

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