Why Smart Irrigation Month matters to your customers

Smart Irrigation Month
Smart Irrigation Month
Danny Smith
Danny Smith

July is Smart Irrigation Month which the Irrigation Association (IA) created almost 20 years ago. The month highlights how the green industry uses smart irrigation technology and incorporates its practices to better deploy water to landscaping and turf.

Danny Smith, director of water management for Park West, No. 16 on the 2023 LM150 list, talks with Landscape Management about how his operation will spread the news of Smart Irrigation Month to its customers.

Landscape Management: What is Smart Irrigation Month?

Danny Smith: Smart Irrigation Month has been held every July for — at least — the last decade. It has gained traction with all industry partners, including contractors, distributors, manufacturers and (landscape) architects.

LM: Why is Smart Irrigation Month important for irrigation contractors?

DS: At the highest level, it brings awareness to our water conservation and management efforts. It highlights that our industry has better tools, resources and talent to do a better job of promoting landscape sustainability with an emphasis on water use.

LM: Should customers know and care about Smart Irrigation Month?

DS: Absolutely! Drought or no drought, wet or dry states, water conservation and landscape sustainability efforts are here to stay. With the cost of water and our populations continuing to increase, everyone must do their part to raise awareness of our industry’s smart irrigation practices.

LM: What can other contractors do to help their customers understand the significance of Smart Irrigation Month?

DS: Bringing awareness to new technologies such as smart controllers, dripline retrofits and other water conservation technologies is a win-win for the client and contractor. The contractor can make the sale and the customer can see a tangible reduction in their water consumption. With rebates and other resources available through their water provider, these projects provide great value for everyone involved.

LM: What does Park West tell its customers about Smart Irrigation Month?

DS: Our objectives are to highlight our smart irrigation and water conservation efforts spearheaded by our dedicated water management department. While we increase these objectives through our social media presence, we also host irrigation workshops for our property management and HOA partners to bring additional awareness.

LM: What else should LM readers know and understand about Smart Irrigation Month?

DS: The IA designed Smart Irrigation Month to bring concentrated awareness to the technologies and overall niche of water conservation as it relates to outdoor water use and landscape management. I believe all contractors should make it their mission to provide their services with an emphasis on water conservation and landscape sustainability. This will increase their service offerings to clients and help move this industry forward.

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Christina Herrick

Christina Herrick is a former Editor for Landscape Management. A Journalist graduate from Ohio Northern University, Christina is known for sharing her insightful experiences on the road with her audience.

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