SafetyWatch: Wide-area mowing preparation

February 20, 2019 -  By

When operating a wide-area mower, keep in mind these key items to help ensure the job is performed safely and smoothly.

Before you begin mowing a wide area, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the lawn or field for mowing. Check the surface for items such as sticks, rocks, toys, sports equipment, dog bones, wire and equipment parts. Make sure items are not hidden in tall grass. Additionally, look for and mark immovable objects, such as pipes or partially buried rocks. Always walk the area and perform an inspection.
  • Beware of fixed objects. Running into a fixed object can shatter the blade and throw jagged chunks of metal out of the discharge chute or under the housing. Obstacles such as ditches, rocks and stumps can throw you off the machine. Be especially alert when objects may be hidden by tall grass, weeds or brush.
  • Use the correct kind of mower for the job. Check the operator’s manual for the type of job your mower is designed to do.
  • Use heavy-duty blades when necessary.
  • Keep others away. Don’t allow extra riders on your tractor and keep other people out of your working area.
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