WinField launches satellite imagery platform for turf managers

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WinFieldWinField United Professional Products Group (PPG) launched the GeoTech insight platform—a satellite imagery program. The company is hosting a live demo of the technology on Feb. 21 at noon Central.

The platform uses imagery from satellites, airplanes and drones to help turf managers:

  • Identify and document plant health concerns;
  • Assign people to problem areas;
  • Design corrective solutions;
  • Make accurate input applications; and
  • Keep track of treatments and results.

GeoTech is designed to provide insights that enable lawn care operators to better utilize labor resources, manage input costs and help increase sustainability, making it the first comprehensive facility management system of its kind in the lawn care industry, said John Smith, marketing manager, WinField United PPG.

“GeoTech takes existing technology steps further by using proprietary algorithms to analyze imagery and provide color-coded maps that show variances in plant health,” he said. “Users can also upload their own data to create additional mapping layers, such as irrigation levels and soil and tissue samples.”

Once generated, these detailed maps can be used to pinpoint plant health problem areas that require scouting, to designate staff to scout and to document the findings. This is especially valuable for lawn care operators with multiple locations under management. Identifying stressed areas to scout reduces time scouting healthy properties thus providing more time to work on corrective solutions for poor performing properties.

“GeoTech streamlines the scouting process by providing professionals with an easy-to-use dashboard to identify, record and track problems,” said Aaron Johnsen, director of regional sales and proprietary products, WinField United PPG. “Then decision makers can use the data they’ve gathered to create management plans based on plant health and design custom treatments for each spot.”

The GeoTech insight platform creates these maps through the use of current ultra high-resolution imagery taken by airplanes or drones, current satellite imagery and 20 years of historical satellite imagery. Images are available with an annual service subscription, which provides new data every 10 to 14 days on average. Comparing historical and current imagery can help validate management practices and monitor changes over time.

Updated 2/17/17 to include information about the live demo.



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