Woods intros new Batwing BW15 flex-wing cutter

(Photo: Woods Equipment)
(Photo: Woods Equipment)

Woods Equipment recently debuted its new Batwing BW15 series, a redesigned flex-wing rotary cutter line.

The 15-foot Batwing is available in two models: the BW15.52 for 45-200 horsepower tractors and the extra-heavy duty BW15.72 for 65-300 horsepower tractors.

The new Batwing features:

  • Level Lock technology keeps the wings level across rugged terrain and doesn’t require re-leveling while a 13-inch cutting deck with high-lift blades offers users a cleaner cut.
  • The EZ-Change blade system allows blade changes with only a ¾-inch wrench. Additionally, the BW15 series includes aligned grease points, magnetic wing driveline shields and a metal thumbscrew dipstick.
  • The SmartLift system does the heavy lifting by holding the 80-pound driveline while users are attaching to the tractor PTO shaft.
  • A 10-year warranty for the gearbox, including parts and labor.

The new 15-series Batwing is available through authorized Woods dealers.

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