Words of wisdom from the LM Growth Summit

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Words of wisdom from the consultants and association professionals who supported LM Growth Summit attendees as experts.

Photo: LM Expert Panel

Photo: LM Expert Panel

“Exit planning is a key phrase right now. Only about 50 percent of this room is going to leave their business willingly. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re going to retire in six months or in 25 years, you still should have everything set up.”

— Kent Kohn • Consultant, Pro-Motion Consulting

“(Don’t) become ossified in your thinking about how you approach a business. What makes our business so exciting is that it changes and you have to adapt to it in ways you never thought would need to be done. Even from five years ago, this is a completely different business.”

— Bob Mann • Director of state and local government relations, National Association of Landscape Professionals

“Thank goodness we live in today’s world where technology allows you to see your peers and people you admire. Learn from what they’ve done well—we can see how their pay-per-click programs work, we can see how their websites are built and what keywords are driving leads—then plan and set those metrics and goals.”

— Shaun Kanary • VP of marketing, Kuno Creative

“Build your leadership team. Everything starts and ends with the leadership team. It should be three to five people. The smaller the group, the better.”

— Phil Harwood • President, Pro-Motion Consulting

“You have to have a great coach in your corner; you have to have somebody holding you accountable. And move that business forward—for yourself, your teams. To carry out that vision is very important.”

— Jeremy Durgan • Owner, GreenEarth Landscape Services

“Plan for engagement. Put it in your business plan. Be engaged with your state association, be engaged with your national association, make sure you’re present and available when questions arise, but also be out there proactively talking about the great things you do and why your customers love them.”

— Karen Reardon • VP of public affairs, Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment

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