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Photo courtesy of John D. Byrd, Mississippi State University,
Photo courtesy of John D. Byrd,
Mississippi State University,

Spotted Spurge
Euphorbia maculate

Identification tips
This summer annual plant spreads low to the ground and is fast growing. Spotted spurge features red- or purple-tinged stems with opposite leaves and emits milky juice when broken. The oblong leaves are smooth or sparsely hairy, from reddish-green to dark green in color — often with a maroon or purple spot in the center. This spurge is often found in disturbed soil, such as in gardens and flower beds, and in thin areas in the turf.

Apply a broadleaf, preemergence herbicide — such as Crew™ specialty herbicide — containing isoxaben and/or dithiopyr in late spring. If the spurge has germinated, apply a postemergence herbicide containing fluroxypyr, triclopyr or other auxinic herbicide when the plant is small.

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Spurge surge

Spurge — the weed that can grow just about anywhere. Lawn care operators (LCOs) should take aggressive measures to control the warm-season annual this spring. It's important to properly identify the correct species and act fast before germination completes, according to an expert at Corteva Agriscience.
Learn tips to identify, prevent germination and eliminate fully germinated spurge.
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Photo courtesy of Corteva Agriscience™
Photo courtesy of Corteva Agriscience™
Photo courtesy of Corteva Agriscience™
Photo courtesy of Corteva Agriscience™

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Crew™ specialty herbicide combines the power and proven turfgrass safety of Dimension® specialty herbicide and plant safety of Gallery® specialty herbicide to offer a 2-in-1 solution for turfgrasses and landscape beds. Crew is safe to use on warm- and cool-season turfgrasses and over the top of more than 410 ornamentals, making it the ideal border-to-border solution. Learn more here.
A guide to selecting the proper preemergence herbicide

Spring can’t come soon enough for much of the country that endures long winters, but for turf managers, spring season is often a race against the clock — or a race against Mother Nature — as weeds like crabgrass, chickweed, spurge and others emerge as it begins to warm up. Looking to make fewer applications? Reduce callbacks? Watch March Madness? Add Dimension®, Gallery® or Snapshot® specialty herbicide to your starting lineup for the most effective weed control this spring. Create your spring weed control plan.

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