Wright upgrades mower decks

July 19, 2017 -  By

Wright Manufacturing’s Aero Core floating decks are now standard on all of its three-blade, side discharge riding mowers. Additionally, a 36-inch Aero Core deck, designed specifically for trimming, is standard on the Stander Intensity and Velke HC and GC walk-behinds.

Aero Core decks tilt side-to-side and front-to-back, allowing the mower deck to better follow the terrain contours. It also improves the weight distribution for better handling on hills. The space-saving design increases deck strength, while recessed caster wheels result in a more compact footprint and improved agility.

The deck height can be adjusted “on the fly” in quarter-inch increments, and anti-scalp rollers automatically adjust the deck height to changes in terrain.

Aero Core includes improved airflow, cut quality and anti-blowout features. Anti-clumping baffles prevent debris build-up at the discharge chute, and air-tapered blade surfaces create pressure to pull grass up for a cleaner, more uniform cut.

The 36-inch Aero Core has a flat guide plate on the left side for a clean, crisp cut close to hardscapes and other obstacles. The rear angles are designed to provide airflow that creates a better vacuum on the trim edge.

Photo: Wright Manufacturing 

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