Landscape Management


The two-day event included lectures from Scott and industry experts, a women-only networking group and a new peer group created for second-in-command employees. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the event.
Scythe raised $42 million in a financing effort led by Energy Impact Partners. Learn more about how this latest financing round will help the company meet demand.
Your chances to sell more services to an existing customer are far better than with a new prospect. Try 60-70 percent vs. 5-20 percent. Make mastering the art of upselling part of your lawn care sales strategy. Download our Tip Sheet, Simple Ways To Upsell Your Landscape Services, to learn more.

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Achieving healthier turf and more sustainability is possible. Anuvia Plant Nutrients' GreenTRX products supply nitrogen, potash, sulfur and iron, which are slowly released to feed plants when they need them the most.

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Don't overlook the value of relationship selling

Jeff Korhan shares how one interaction with a former client changed his perspective on selling services and what you can learn from his mistake.

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Learn how GreenShade Trees has grown from solely a tree planting operation to a major player changing Oklahoma’s landscape.