Business Planner 2017

Trouble tracking labor costs?

September 15, 2017By
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Consider these ideas that use accounting software. Keeping up with job costs is crucial for your business, but job labor is definitely one aspect of overall job costs to watch more closely. Following are considerations for tracking labor costs in six areas with your accounting software. Payroll. Do you outsource your payroll, do it in-house or some combination? For some,... read more

Tips on creating a world-class culture

August 7, 2017By
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Treat your internal customers as well as your external customers—if not better. Creating a world-class internal culture is an important piece of a business’s customer service puzzle—it may even be the most important piece. All organizations need to make sure they treat their internal customers as well as, if not better than, they treat their external customers. Yet, so many... read more

How to keep the keepers

June 20, 2017By
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Tune up your retention, then follow up with recruiting. Which comes first, retention or recruiting? The answer is both. As if there aren’t enough challenges for landscape contractors, it’s apparent landscape businesses better be really good at recruiting and retaining the right people. The job market has shifted from an employer’s market to an employee’s market. Here’s what that means... read more

How to find talent + hire smoothly

May 11, 2017By and
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Prepared managers don’t rely on luck to find great prospects; they use existing employees and a cohesive hiring process. Like ideal clients, new qualified employees don’t just walk in your front door. So how do you find them? You have to market yourself as a valued employer and your company as a great place for employees to spend their careers... read more

Tips for attracting Gen Y

April 10, 2017By
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Yield higher quality applicants by understanding young workers. I know, I know…millennials are lazy, tree-hugging, coffee-swilling liberal hipsters, right? Also known as Gen Y and “Generation Me,” this group of potential employees is believed to be difficult to attract and almost impossible to retain for any length of time. But that’s not necessarily so. Research indicates that if you put... read more

Overcoming the talent crisis

February 15, 2017By
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Understand the root causes of the landscape industry talent crisis. Then, find ways to promote the industry and your company. As I travel throughout the country, it’s become increasing clear the single overwhelming constraint facing landscape contractors is talent. From entry level to middle management to executive leadership, finding people to fill positions has become a bigger issue than raising... read more