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Important factors to consider to choose the right mower and engine setup

May 13, 2022By
Product testing at Briggs & Stratton Power Application Centers pinpoints engine power needs for various pieces of equipment. (Photo: Briggs & Stratton)

Experts at Briggs & Stratton discuss how the company strives to make a better mower engine and what factors LCOs should consider when choosing a mower. read more

Mowers: Get what you need

January 28, 2022By
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Mower manufacturers discuss how they’re responding to landscape professionals’ needs in a difficult time of supply chain issues, labor woes and more. read more

A close look at two of Hustler’s new mowers: Zero-turn electric mower and powerful stand-on

December 1, 2021By

Hustler Turf's director of new product development, Brad Unruh, discusses the company's new all-electric Zevo and the Super SF stand-on mower. read more

New mowers offer more power, more torque at a smaller size

October 11, 2021By
High-horsepower engines allow landscape pros to complete more work with fewer people. (Photo: Wright Manufacturing)

Advances in engine technologies are pushing gas models closer to diesel power levels in mowers, offering landscape companies more power in a smaller size. read more

Big properties demand bigger mowers

October 4, 2021By
Crew member mowing with Scag mower (Photo: Scag)

Mowing contractors looking to move from residential to commercial properties can boost acres-per-hour cut with zero-turn mowers. read more

4 items to add to your mower wish list

January 20, 2021By
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LM spoke to landscape professionals and manufacturers alike who offer a few insights into the top mowing trends for 2021. read more