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  • New herbicide from PBI-Gordon to treat sedges and kyllinga

    October 15, 2019By

    The new Vexis Herbicide Granular from PBI-Gordon Corp. is formulated to provide lawn care professionals with targeted, postemergent control of sedges and kyllinga species, including purple and yellow nutsedge, cockscomb and false green kyllinga. Sold in a 2-pound shaker can and in a 15-pound bag, the granular formulation helps reduce off-target drift and volatility compared to products currently available. It... read more

    Get grubs gone

    October 10, 2019By
    Taking a preventive approach to dealing with grubs is often the most effective control method. Photo: Bayer

    Here are a few tips for controlling European chafers and Japanese beetles, two prevalent types of grubs lawn care operators may encounter. read more

    Dominate postemergent dallisgrass

    October 7, 2019By
    PRIME WINDOW Dallisgrass typically rears its ugly head the most in June, July and August. Photo: Syngenta

    Manage dallisgrass, one of the most aggressive grassy weeds that lawn care operators face, with postemergent persistence. read more

    Arborjet’s fungicide label expands for tip blight control

    September 25, 2019By

    The label for Arborjet’s Propizol fungicide has expanded to include a 2ee label for diplodia tip blight. This fungicide is injected into a susceptible tree’s vascular system prior to infection. Arborjet recommends applications of the systemic fungicide to be applied in late fall when the resin flow of pines has slowed. The disease mainly strikes Austrian pine and Ponderosa pine... read more

    Nufarm to highlight new 2020 Edge Rewards Program at GIE

    September 25, 2019By
    Logo: Nufarm

    Nufarm announced plans for GIE+EXPO, including the opportunity to learn about and register for the 2020 Nufarm Edge Rewards early order program. Sure power tech presentations GIE attendees can visit Nufarm booth #22110 at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. on Oct. 17, to hear Nufarm tech expert, Jason Fausey, Ph.D., discuss the latest performance results and opportunities surrounding Sure Power... read more

    A checklist for properly maintaining spray equipment

    September 18, 2019By
    CONSTANT UPKEEP Making sure spray units are properly maintained can help reduce downtime and increase productivity and revenue. Photo: Chapin Manufacturing

    Lawn care operators can follow this checklist with tips on how to correctly maintain their spray equipment, such as tanks and sprayers. read more