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  • A new way to fertilize

    November 8, 2018By
    LCO fertilizing a home's front yard (Photo: Koch Industries)

    David Helt says there is a clear difference between the “old” and “new” ways lawn care operators (LCOs) can manage their fertilizer applications. “The old way of fertilizer application is based on a premise that the customer correlates value with the number of visits—if they don’t see you out there, they think your service is poor, regardless of the quality,”... read more

    SiteOne launches new GPS-guided precision spray system

    November 5, 2018By

    SiteOne Landscape Supply released its new LESCO Smart Guided precision spray system, a GPS-guided system. Designed for turf spaces where a commercial spreader would be used—such as large estates, municipalities and public areas—the Smart Guided System can connect with most common sprayers. “The LESCO Smart Guided system is about working more efficiently,” said John Gertz, vp category management, agronomics at... read more

    SiteOne releases LESCO CarbonPro-L with MobilEX

    October 30, 2018By

    SiteOne Landscape Supply released LESCO CarbonPro-L with MobilEX, a liquid biological soil amendment. CarbonPro can be tank mixed with fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides when applied to turf and landscape plantings. The multisolution product deepens and strengthens roots; helps with stress recovery and prevention; improves greening; assists with seed establishment; prevents chlorosis, the yellow/loss of greening of turf; supports establishment of... read more

    Bayer survey finds lack of qualified employees is industry’s biggest challenge

    October 29, 2018By

    Nearly every lawn care company is struggling with a lack of qualified staff in the field, according to a recent survey conducted by Environmental Science, a business unit of Bayer Crop Science. For example, the survey found that four in 10 respondents say a “shallow bench” or not enough team members is the biggest challenge. Forty-two percent of respondents ranked... read more

    Spring Touch to give away $30,000 franchise fee to veteran

    October 29, 2018By

    Spring Touch plans to give away a $30,000 franchise fee to a deserving veteran. The winning veteran will become the owner of a Spring Touch franchise in one of the following states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri or Illinois.  The winner will receive training and mentoring from the founders and one year of strategic marketing, customer call center... read more

    Steel Green debuts three zero-turn spreader-sprayers

    October 18, 2018By

    Steel Green Manufacturing debuted three new zero-turn spreader-sprayer machines. The Lebanon, Ind.-based startup, founded by former employees of L.T. Products, announced its launch in August. Steel Green machines feature a 21-hp engine, Donaldson air cleaner and a standard integrated 20/50 amp charging system. Models include the SG52, SG46 and SG36. The SG52 zero-turn spreader-sprayer machine features dual 30-gallon spray tanks,... read more