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  • Performance Nutrition launches new phosphite fertilizer

    September 19, 2018By

    Performance Nutrition, a division of LidoChem, introduced Prudent 40Plus, a highly concentrated phosphite fertilizer fortified with 17 free L-amino acids. “Prudent 40Plus combines the benefits of prudent urea phosphite fertilizer with the stress-fighting characteristics of pennamin amino acids pre-blended in the right ratio for maximum performance in one convenient jug,” said Don Pucillo, general manager of Performance Nutrition. “It makes... read more

    Poa annua plan of attack

    September 17, 2018By
    Poa annua (Photo: Bayer)

    Cooler fall temperatures represent a battle cry to lawn care operators (LCOs) in the Southeast and the Transition Zone—it’s time to combat Poa annua. Also known as annual bluegrass, Poa annua is a winter annual weed that features wide leaves and grows in small clumps. Though there are perennial types of Poa annua, in warm-season grasses in the Transition Zone... read more

    Rami Soufi dies, Bayer sets up scholarship in his honor

    September 11, 2018By

    Rami Soufi, head of development for Bayer Environmental Science, has died. Bayer will be founding a scholarship fund as a tribute to Soufi’s legacy. Anyone wishing to join Bayer in remembering Soufi are asked to visit the Rami Soufi Memorial Scholarship Fund Gofundme page. read more

    TruGreen to give customer ETAs via mobile app

    September 5, 2018By

    TruGreen struck a partnership with two technology providers to deliver location and estimated time of arrival information to customers through the TruGreen mobile app. Real-time location technology provider Glympse has integrated its technology with the Verizon Connect field service software platform TruGreen uses to plan, deliver and execute its customer routes. “Many of our customers want to know when their specialist... read more

    Industry veteran Greg Clendenin launches M&A consulting firm

    September 5, 2018By

    Greg Clendenin started The Clendenin Consulting Group (CCG) after 39 years of ownership and senior-level management in the lawn and pest control industry. He is former CEO of Florida-based Heron Home & Outdoor and former CEO of Middleton Lawn & Pest Control. The CCG will help privately owned businesses prepare for the market and connect them with the right buyer.... read more

    Space invaders: Invasive insects

    August 31, 2018By
    Photo: Leah Bauer, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, Bugwood.org

    Invasive pests are a threat to trees, shrubs, landscapes and crops in every region of the U.S. Left unchecked, they can devastate entire plant species, threatening food supplies and costing billions of dollars in damages. In addition, they’re a nuisance for homeowners trying to enjoy their lawns and landscapes. These invasive insects easily can be transported from place to place... read more