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  • Weed Man adds mosquito control to offerings

    April 17, 2019By

    Weed Man added mosquito control to its list of services. With mosquito control service, Weed Man can better protect its customers, their pets and their lawns from the annoyance of mosquitos, which are known for carrying and transmitting diseases like Zika and the West Nile virus. The new offering allows Weed Man to better meet all its customers’ needs and... read more

    Keep on trucking: Maintaining lawn care fleets

    April 12, 2019By
    Lush Lawn truck (Photo: Lush Lawn)

    Trucks are a major expense for lawn care operators, and many begin each day ensuring their investments are well cared for. Jason Zielesch, production manager for Lush Lawn in Grand Blanc, Mich., says before technicians leave the lot, the company requires they complete what it calls a “three-minute 360.” The three-minute 360 is a full inspection of the truck to... read more

    Ecologel markets Hydretain and CytoGro turf products together

    April 10, 2019By

    Ecologel Solutions’ Hydretain and CytoGro, two turf products, are being marketed in tandem for the first time to the lawn care and landscape segments. When used separately, Hydretain functions as a moisture manager that coats plant roots and soil particles. It attracts moisture already present in the soil profile — moisture in the form of water vapor or humidity that... read more

    Defeat dallisgrass

    April 5, 2019By
    Dallisgrass (Photo: PBI-Gordon)

    A grassy weed that produces many seeds and grows in thick, unsightly clumps in turf, dallisgrass can be tricky to deal with in the warmer months. Read on for ways to spot and eradicate this turfgrass problem. Know your enemy Perennial, warm-season, grassy weed; Grows in thick clumps; Tends to grow more aggressively in open, sunny areas; Wide leaf blade... read more

    Nufarm launches new non-selective herbicide

    April 3, 2019By
    Logo: Nufarm

    Nufarm launched a new non-selective herbicide which is approved in 42 states, including the most recent additions of Indiana, Maine, Rhode Island and Hawaii.  The product, Cheetah Pro, offers post-emergence control on the toughest weed and grass challenges, including those resistant to glyphosate and other herbicide classes. Its mode of action works quickly to control undesirable plant vegetation around ornamental trees, shrubs... read more

    Prime Source hires director of technical services

    April 2, 2019By

    Bret Corbett has joined Prime Source as director of technical services. Corbett will be instrumental in working with universities and extension agencies in efforts to further develop and expand the Prime Source product portfolio. “Bret is a great addition to the Prime Source team and his past work on protocols and with cooperatives in field trials will be a direct... read more