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  • BioPro line of products receives registration approval in California

    July 12, 2019By

    Eleven products from Arborjet and Ecologel in the BioPro Technologies line were approved for use in California. The BioPro line was originally developed by The Toro Co. in 1994 as a collection of specialty liquid nutrients, designed to provide prescriptive fertility options based on soil analysis and tissue testing. Over the years, the line has changed hands, grown and evolved. Now owned by Ecologel Solutions,... read more

    Cheetah Pro herbicide receives approval in California

    July 10, 2019By

    Nufarm Americas announced the approval of Cheetah Pro nonselective herbicide in California. Cheetah Pro provides fast and effective control of grass, sedge and broadleaf weeds in a variety of turf settings, the company said. Previously approved in 46 states, Cheetah Pro will be available to California distributors in 2-by-2.5-gallon units and 30-gallon drums beginning mid-July with 4-by-one-gallon units available in... read more

    Mi-T-M releases new fertilizer pumps

    July 1, 2019By
    Chemical/Liquid Fertilizer Pump 3-Inch - Photo: Mi-T-M Corporation

    Mi-T-M Corp., a designer and manufacturer of industrial equipment, released new high-volume chemical and liquid fertilizer pumps. read more

    Ike’s teams up with Garden Sales Associates

    June 26, 2019By

    Ike’s Farm, Home and Garden brand teamed up with Garden Sales Associates of Indianapolis. The partnership will increase access to Ike’s products for farm, garden and independent nursery locations throughout the Midwest region. Ike’s is a new brand of products designed to enhance the gardening experience, inspired by a man and his lifelong passion for the craft of gardening, Ike... read more

    Reaping the rewards of plant growth regulators

    June 26, 2019By

    Plant growth regulators offer benefits beyond slowing the growth of turf and shrubs read more

    Taking the ‘edge’ out of nutsedge

    June 26, 2019By

    Experts discuss ID and control of one of the most common weeds in the U.S. read more